Manfrotto Street Belt Bag: The Perfect Street Bag for Leica Q Series

I was looking for a small waist bag to carry around the Leica Q2 and came across Manfrotto's Street Belt Bag. It's designed for smaller compact cameras; however, I was able to just fit the Q2 with room to spare. The design is great with adjustable belts and a dark green exterior that makes it less obvious that it's a camera bag.

It's an ideal daily camera bag for street photography, with included padding, a back pocket, and two loops under the bag to hold a tripod or a water bottle. It will also fit the new Leica Q3 as well as the popular Fujifilm X100V.


  • Volume: 2L
  • External: 24cm / 9" x 13cm / 5.1" x 15cm/ 5.9"
  • Internal: 22cm / 8.2" x 11cm / 4.3" x 13cm / 5.1"

You can find it on here: Manfrotto Street Belt Bag

Manfrotto Street Belt Bag Manfrotto Street Belt Bag Manfrotto Street Belt Bag Manfrotto Street Belt Bag

Leica Q2 vs Q3


I purchased a new Q2 with a significant discount after the Q3 was announced. For those who are thinking of selling their Q2 for the latest and greatest, or if you are considering a used Q2 over a Q3, this was my thought process:

  • extra megapixels: don't need, rarely crop above a "50mm focal length", AI upscaling an option
  • improved iso: don't need, never shoot at insane levels of iso and AI tools can denoise incredibly well
  • phase detect AF: decent
  • higher res evf: would be nice, but won't result in better photos
  • higher res tilt screen: don't need tilt function, back of camera ergonomics/design worse now but higher res would have been cool
  • faster burst rate: doesn't apply to my style
  • 8k video: don't need
  • bigger battery: could purchase separately as it will work for both models
  • latest generation processor: would be nice to have but current works for me
  • usb-c: prob the best new addition
  • mini-hdmi: don't need it
  • wireless charging: weak design as it needs to align 100% for it to work. Leica could have just used metal terminals on the bottom of the camera and sold charging bases.
  • secure lens cap with 3 color options: major improvement haha
  • "Leica Looks" and other software changes: all can be done in post and new AI imaging tools will be hard to beat

Did I miss anything?

Leica Q2 has better aesthetics due to the new flippy screen on the Q3.

Back View of the Leica Q3 and Leica Q2

Rumor: Leica will continue to sell the Q2 and rebrand it and call it a "Q-E". If this is true, the Q2 may become even more popular.

I also bought one of these dusters mainly for its awesome missile design, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it works even better than I thought. It gets rid of dust on the camera and also works well for keyboards. I still need to test if it can function as a mini Nerf football.

You can find it on here: Giottos-AA1900

Giottos AA1900

Best 20W Travel Charger

Review coming soon.

Native Union Smart Charger PD 20W